We set tails wagging from pups to senior dogs with our quality, compassionate veterinary care.


We provide your purrfect kitty with veterinary care and advice that is gentle, attentive and unhurried.

Pocket Pets

We treat creatures great and small including guinea pigs, ferrets, rabbits, rats and mice.


Whether you have a native or exotic bird, your feathered friend will be in expert hands.


We help you take a proactive approach to maximise their quality of life and ensure any issues are identified and treated early.


We offer thorough and affordable veterinary consultations 6 days a week, Monday through to Saturday. If you’re worried about your pet’s health, if they’ve had an accident, or to arrange a general checkup for your pet, please call us to make an appointment. At our practice, standard vet consultations are 20 minutes long – if you think you might need more time with the vet let our friendly front desk staff know when booking the appointment.

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Vaccinating your pet is one of the most important things you can do to ensure they lead a healthy life. Your pet’s health, lifestyle and exactly where on the Central Coast you live may affect which vaccinations are necessary, so our expert vets will work with you to develop a simple and effective vaccination program for your pet.

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An annual injection for the treatment of Heartworm can protect your dog, cat or ferret from a potentially fatal disease, whilst intestinal worm prevention is not only important to a pet’s health, but for the health of your family as well.


Dental disease is one of the most common diseases in cats and dogs in and around the Central Coast. Not only is dental disease painful for your pet, but the increased bacteria in their mouth can be associated with other conditions such as kidney disease, heart disease, and liver disease. As many as eight in ten pets have dental disease!

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Blood tests can give us a wealth of information about your pet’s health.

For example, our Central Coast vets can work out if your pet is dehydrated, has underlying kidney disease or liver changes, and we can get lots of information about your pet’s red and white blood cells. All of this helps diagnose any underlying health problems and ultimately will improve the level of care we can provide to your pet.

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Medical imaging helps Toukley Veterinary Clinic to look at what’s going on inside your pet without actually opening them up. Using medical imaging such as X-rays (also known as radiographs), we can examine bones and soft tissue to diagnose conditions from fractures (broken bones) and bone cancer.

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Whether your animal needs elective or emergency surgery, you can trust that they’re in expert hands with Toukley Veterinary Clinic.


Deciding to have your pet desexed, both male and female, is the most important step you can take as a pet owner. Typically, pets are desexed between four and six months, but this can occur at any age beyond that. There are many benefits such as unwanted litters, decreasing aggression, and prevention of cancer and prostate disease in males.

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Common soft tissue surgical procedures performed by our expert Central Coast vets include pet desexing, large mass or lump removals, respiratory and chest surgery, heart surgery, liver surgery and intestinal surgery. Using advanced technology in our state-of-the-art vet clinic many surgeries can be minimally invasive.

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From broken bones to joint problems, the highly skilled veterinarians at Toukley Veterinary Clinic are experienced in orthopaedic surgery and are committed to getting the best outcome for your pet’s health.

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Need help with nutritional or behavioural advice? Or is your pet in need of some pampering? We’re here to help with wellbeing services that have you covered.


At Toukley Veterinary Clinic it’s always sad to hear of families who have lost beloved fur babies. That’s why we want to ensure ALL pets are microchipped. We also recommend you have an ID tag attached to your pet’s collar, as this can speed up the lost and found process.

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Bringing a new puppy into your home is an exciting time. As a new pet owner, you will want to keep them safe and protected from illness. That protection starts with your puppy’s vaccination. At Toukley Veterinary Clinic, we do vaccinations a little differently.

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Everyone loves a new kitten! As a new pet owner, you will want to keep them safe and protected from illness. That protection starts with your kitten’s vaccination. At Toukley Veterinary Clinic, we do vaccinations a little differently.

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Nutrition is an important indicator of your pet’s health and welfare. We can discuss any health, diet, or weight fluctuations during their examination and help you plan a diet to suit their age and lifestyle. Prescription diets may be required for patients with ongoing conditions.