Deciding to have your pet desexed, both male and female, is the most important step you can take as a pet owner. For an explanation of the many benefits of desexing, please see below.

Why desex my pet at Toukley Veterinary Clinic?

Your main concern as a pet owner is the health and wellbeing of your pet. For your peace of mind, we do things a little differently:

  1. Complimentary vet consultation allowing you the chance to raise any other issues about your pets’ health or behaviour. We can even update their vaccination or parasite protection, if needed.
  2. Experienced anaesthetist and surgeon – things rarely go wrong, but when they do, wouldn’t you rather an experienced captain at the whelm? Practicing for 50 + years, our husband and wife vet team can provide the expertise required.
  3. Desexings are performed on a heated operating table. Yes, pets lose body heat during surgery, even in summer. And, a dedicated nurse will monitor your pet throughout their hospital stay, and even clip their nails.
  4. All of our desexings are given intravenous fluids during surgery. This not only makes the anaesthetic safer, but also improves your pets’ recovery by flushing the anaesthetic out of their system.
  5. Pets are given2 pain relief injections, one before and one after surgery, which provides long lasting comfort.

The benefits of desexing are undeniable:

  1. Dramatically reduces the incidence of mammary cancer in female dogs, and prostate cancer in males.
  2. Improves pet behaviour by reducing roaming, territorial aggression, and other antisocial habits.
  3. Prevents unwanted litters and the burden that places on the already sad reality of pet homelessness. And remember, it takes two to tango!
  4. Cheaper compulsory pet registration with council, so you will save money too.

If you need more information on desexing, please phone (02) 4397 1157, or click here to open our Desexing e-book. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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