Your New Kitten

Everyone loves a new kitten! As a new pet owner, you will want to keep them safe and protected from illness. That protection starts with your kitten’s vaccination.

At Toukley Veterinary Clinic, we do vaccinations a little differently:

There is a lot to know, so your first kitten visit is a double appointment (at no extra cost). We can get to know you and your kitten, and you won’t feel rushed.

Our complimentary kitten show bag to take home contains all the information you need, including some goodies!

We simplify parasite prevention. With so many products available, we have found there is some confusion amongst pet owners. We have looked at all the preventatives and come up with the most suitable options that offer peace of mind protection for your kitten.

Kitten Protection at a glance

Vaccinations – be sure to check your kitten’s records to see when their next vaccination is due. Kittens need a course of 3 vaccinations 4 weeks apart, starting at 6-8 weeks of age. Adult cats need vaccinating every year to maintain protection throughout life. Inside cats need a F3 vaccination which protects against cat flu. We recommend an additional vaccine against Feline Aids (FIV) for any cat that goes outside (even for short periods). FIV is transmitted through cat fighting, and there is a high prevalence on the Central Coast.

Intestinal Worming – kittens need worming fortnightly until 12 wks of age, then monthly until 6 months of age. Thereafter, adult cats need worming every 3 months. For those difficult to medicate cats, we have a “spot-on” wormer to make things easy.

Fleas and ticks – present on the Central Coast all-year round. In fact, we see more tick paralysis cases in winter and spring, than in summer!. Fleas are annoying and you won’t necessarily see them (cats swallow fleas when grooming). Ticks are life-threatening, so if your cat spends time outside, they must be treated. Thankfully, new products are available that are safe, effective, and easy to apply. We recommend a ’spot-on’ product which protects your cat for 3 months. Remember, that all pets in the household need to be treated.

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